Expert Tip – The Ultimate SEO Tip “Simple Is Good”

This might be the shortest “Expert Tip” ever… It might also be one of the most important.

Sometimes we get so caught-up in the complicated aspects of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and business in general, that we forget to do the simple things, and many times they can be really powerful.

I have dedicated much time and effort on this site, and on my personal blog, to explaining SEO, and giving easy-to-implement tips. These tips have helped many of my readers attain amazing Google rankings, very quickly. As an example of their power, When I launched this blog, neither “Renegade Marketing Strategies” or “Yvette Hampton” were ranked terms on Google (At least not, there is some swimmer or runner who shows up). Within two weeks of launching this site, searching “Yvette Hampton”, or “Renegade Marketing Strategies” yielded this site, as the first, unpaid result on Google. That is an amazing feat! While Google search rankings change almost daily, You will still find us at the top of the Google results (within the first page), although we move around a little bit every day.

Those are just the simplest search terms, but all of my sites perform equally well for more obscure search terms as well.

The Tip

You can spend all the time in the world on SEO, and forget to do the simple things, like SUBMIT YOUR OWN SITE to the search engines.

If you have a blog, you can submit your site to This is Google’s Blog Search engine. Once you have submitted your site, you can search for it at

You can submit your site to Yahoo! at

You can submit your site to Altavista at

You can submit your site to Microsoft’s at

You can submit your site to MSN at

To add your site to, you have to have a valid sitemap. Search this site for the term “Sitemap”, or Google the term “Sitemap” for instructions on creating a sitemap. Detailed instructions are outside the scope of this post, but once you have your sitemap created, you can “Ping” with the address, and Ask will begin to spider your site. You can get instructions from at, or you can do it yourself by changing the following address to include your site, then entering it in your address bar and pressing enter. URL of your sitemap here.xml

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